Their Story

Marlene was just a young teenager when traveled six hours south of home to spend a summer with her cousins in eastern Ontario's Ottawa Valley region. It was during this trip when she first met Carman. From the moment they first met that summer in 1962 they were inseparable. Before they knew it they were married and began building a family of their own. As their family grew to five children it was time for them to take the huge leap of building their very first home. Carman, who had his own sawmill and knew construction well, was able to design and build the home himself, with some help from other handy jacks-of-all-trades in the family. Soon enough, Carman and Marlene had a brand new roof over their heads, and for the next 23 years, life was pretty much perfect.

Unexpected Loss

Sometimes life can change in a split second. That's precisely what happened in 2003 when Marlene learned her father suddenly passed away. As the family came to terms with the heartbreaking loss, Marlene and Carman's grief turned to concern when it dawned on them that her mother was now a widow living alone, more than six hours north. In the next few years, they traveled countless times to visit and care for her, but the long trips took their toll. Carman and Marlene knew it was time for their lives to take a huge turn. In 2006 they sold their beloved home and moved in with Marlene's mother to give her constant care. The sacrifice was far more than a financial one -- their children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren were now very faraway, and nothing was the same.

Starting Again

After eight years of giving her mother the tender, loving care she needed and deserved, Marlene's mother passed away in 2014. And after eight years of sacrificing everything, they now find themselves in a home that is not their own. Carman and Marlene are a testament to the power of love, grace, and selfless acts of loving kindness. They have devoted every moment of their lives to extending themselves for the benefit of others. Now KarmaRoof™ wants to give back, and reward Carman and Marlene with a dream that they had never thought would come true -- rebuilding a new home so they can be near their family once again.

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